[MEI-L] How to encode the content of a beam as being "grace notes"

Roland, Perry (pdr4h) pdr4h at eservices.virginia.edu
Wed Jan 30 15:16:32 CET 2013

Hi Sigfrid,

First, the validation issue -- 

Because the notes are "graces", not the beam, each note must carry the grace attribute, i.e.,

    <note pname="g" dur="8" grace="unacc"/>
    <note pname="f" dur="8"  grace="unacc"/>
    <note pname="e" dur="8" accid="n" grace="unacc"/>
    <note pname="f" dur="8" grace="unacc"/>

Second, the mei2mup question --

As I recall, the mei2mup stylesheet doesn't beam grace notes.  I think you'll have to further process the resulting .mup file to get this behavior.

It's important to keep in mind that mei2mup wasn't intended to function in a "production" environment, it was a proof-of-concept prototype.  I'd suggest that you

   - adopt MEI 2013 (I can send you a schema, just let me know) and
   - adapt/re-write mei2mup so that it matches the later schema

If you don't have the resources for the 2nd of these suggestions, you might consider partnering with someone who does.  Alternatively, you could wait until someone else takes up this task -- which I expect will happen sooner or later as both MEI and Mup become more widely known.  (I hear that the creators of Mup, Arkkra Enterprises, are attempting to get Mup distributed with various *nix operating systems.)

Hope this helps,


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Dear all,

I want to encode a measure in a waltz  somewhat like this. I.e., I want all the content first beam appear as grace notes to the first note in the second beam.

  <note pname="f" dur="4" oct="4" />

  <beam grace="unacc">
    <note pname="g" dur="8" />
    <note pname="f" dur="8"  />
    <note pname="e" dur="8" accid="n" />
    <note pname="f" dur="8" />

    <note pname="a" dur="8" oct="4" />
    <note pname="f" dur="8" oct="4" />
    <note pname="c" dur="8" oct="5" />
    <note pname="a" dur="8" oct="4" />

The problem is that this doesn't validate with mei 2010-05 (which I need to use, since I need mup support). And I just cannot find out how to do this in a way understood by mei2mup

Please explain, someone.


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