[MEI-L] How to encode the content of a beam as being "grace notes"

Sigfrid Lundberg slu at kb.dk
Wed Jan 30 13:38:15 CET 2013

Dear all,

I want to encode a measure in a waltz  somewhat like this. I.e., I want all the content first beam appear as grace notes to the first note in the second beam.

  <note pname="f" dur="4" oct="4" />

  <beam grace="unacc">
    <note pname="g" dur="8" />
    <note pname="f" dur="8"  />
    <note pname="e" dur="8" accid="n" />
    <note pname="f" dur="8" />

    <note pname="a" dur="8" oct="4" />
    <note pname="f" dur="8" oct="4" />
    <note pname="c" dur="8" oct="5" />
    <note pname="a" dur="8" oct="4" />

The problem is that this doesn't validate with mei 2010-05 (which I need to use, since I need mup support). And I just cannot find out how to do this in a way understood by mei2mup

Please explain, someone.



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