[MEI-L] DH2023 conference workshop, "Collaborative approaches to discourse: Music scholarship using performance recordings and Linked Data annotations"

David Lewis david.lewis at oerc.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jun 26 18:10:50 CEST 2023

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We still have a small number of places available for a workshop as part of the Digital Humanities conference in Graz next month

Title: Collaborative approaches to discourse: Music scholarship using performance recordings and Linked Data annotations
Date: 11 July 2023

Information website: https://iwk.mdw.ac.at/dh2023-workshop/

  Vienna: David Weigl, Chanda VanderHart
  Oxford: Kevin Page, David Lewis
In the arts and humanities, the evidence on which we build our discourse comes in a multitude of forms and formats – not just text, but a wide range of images, sound and video recordings, and specialised information formats. The elements that we discuss are often concepts and ideas that this evidential material may embody and exemplify, but which are not wholly contained by that material. For example, a musical theme can occur multiple times in a piece, in multiple forms and, for each of those occurrences, will be found in recordings and scores made from different versions of the work. 

The study of these facets, alongside their complex interactions, is enriched by scholarly collaboration across disciplinary boundaries and requires a suitably flexible, rhizomatic approach to modelling. Building on technical and conceptual standards, we have developed a Linked Data model that supports the annotation of units of musical content at the level of abstraction appropriate to that annotation. Our model was devised in close collaboration between musicologists and digital modelling experts through intensive workshopping, implementation and testing.  

Participants are invited to explore modelling and annotation through exercises demonstrating music research conducted in Oxford and Vienna. After hands-on ontology design exercises with pen and paper, they are introduced to cutting-edge digital tooling and led through research processes of an ongoing project investigating the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concerts.

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