[MEI-L] Sustainability study of MEI

Elsa De Luca elsadeluca at fcsh.unl.pt
Mon Apr 26 08:33:11 CEST 2021

Dear MEI-L,

On behalf of the MEI Board, I would like to announce that Katrina Simone
Fenlon and Jessica Grimmer at the University of Maryland are carrying out a
study on the sustainability of MEI. This study is part of the *Communities
Sustaining Digital Collections *project, which is investigating how digital
humanities projects are sustained by their communities, with support from
the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library
Services. This research is intended to benefit as many digital collections
and the communities that create and maintain them, as this case
constitutes one part of an overarching study of sustainability for
different kinds of digital collections.

As part of this MEI research, they will observe forums such as the MEI
website, Slack channel, and GitHub to gain an understanding of how the
organization functions, as well as how plans for sustainability of the
digital objects as well as sustainability for the non-digital aspects of
the organization, such as leadership roles, are discussed. They plan to
dissociate identifying information used in project disseminations as much
as possible.

MEI Board members have approved the observation of publicly available MEI
forums as sources of evidence for how the MEI community contributes to the
sustainability of the MEI and we hope that you will share with us the same
enthusiasm towards this initiative. If you wish to know more on the
project, please don’t hesitate to contact Katrina Fenlon (kfenlon at umd.edu).

All the best,

Elsa De Luca
MEI Administrative Chair
Early Music Researcher
CESEM <https://cesem.fcsh.unl.pt/en/pessoa/elsa-de-luca/>-FCSH, NOVA
University of Lisbon
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