[MEI-L] Rename the MEI master-branch

Benjamin W. Bohl b.w.bohl at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 16:30:52 CEST 2021

Dear MEI Community,

following a suggestion by the Software Freedom Conservancy GitHub renamed their master-branch to main in order to avoid potentially offensive vocabulary or allusions to slavery.

MEI would like to follow this lead and rename the master-branch of https://github.com/music-encoding/music-encoding <https://github.com/music-encoding/music-encoding> and other repositories where applicable. Following the discussion on GitHub (https://github.com/music-encoding/music-encoding/issues/776 <https://github.com/music-encoding/music-encoding/issues/776>) the Technical Team set up this poll to take in the community's votes on a closed list of potential new names for our current master-branch, used to disseminate tagged versions (e.g. MEI 3.0.0, MEI 4.0.0 MEI 4.0.1).

Please cast your vote until 2021-04-28 using the form available at:
https://abstimmung.dfn.de/tNOBDWgWAFtVz6lr <https://abstimmung.dfn.de/tNOBDWgWAFtVz6lr>

On behalf of the MEI Board and Technical Team,
Benjamin W. Bohl
MEI Technical Co-chair

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