[MEI-L] ODD Meeting tomorrow

Johannes Kepper kepper at edirom.de
Thu Mar 25 21:46:55 CET 2021

Dear all, 

this is just a brief reminder for our next ODD Meeting tomorrow, March 26, at 2pm CET (we're still on winter time here, so only 5h to the east coast). We'll meet at 


Meeting-ID: 830 9788 5923
Kenncode: MEI

Topics for tomorrow can be found at https://github.com/orgs/music-encoding/projects/2#column-13107157, and you're invited to add things there. Of course we can surely add other topics during the meeting. 

We're welcoming everyone, so please join if you  want to get involved in the technical details of MEI. 

Looking forward to see you tomorrow,


Just a brief reminder that this is a regular meeting, held once per month. In every odd month, it's on the last Friday, in every even month, it's on the last Thursday (to give people an opportunity to join if they're available on one of those days). Meeting time is always at 2pm European time. Here's a list of all the dates in 2021: 

2021-03-26 ODD Friday
2021-04-29 ODD Thursday
2021-05-28 ODD Friday
2021-06-24 ODD Thursday
2021-07-30 ODD Friday (This may be integrated into MEC2021 in Alicante)
2021-08-26 ODD Thursday
2021-09-24 ODD Friday
2021-10-28 ODD Thursday
2021-11-26 ODD Friday
2021-12-30 ODD Thursday

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