[MEI-L] Announcing Presentation Titles for the Future Directions of Music Cognition Speaker Series

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Wed Feb 10 14:59:53 CET 2021

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the titles for the Future Directions of Music
Cognition Speaker Series. In order to register for one or more talks,
please sign up for the email listserv on the website below. The listserv
will be the primary method of communication for information about the
speaker series, including Zoom links and announcements.

*Register for the speaker series here: *

Please reach out if you have any questions. We can't wait to see you
on February 22 at 4PM EST for our first presentation!

   - February 22, 4pm EST:
      - *On the future of music research*
      - *David Huron*, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University School of
      Music & Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences
      - March 1,* 5pm EST*:
      - *Use-inspired music cognition: Designing cognitively informed
      musical interventions for the brain*
      - *Psyche Loui*, Assistant Professor of Creativity and Creative
      Practice, Northeastern University Department of Music
   - March 8, 4pm EST:
      - *Joint presentation*
      - *Dominique Vuvan*, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Skidmore
      - *SMPC Anti-Racism committee*
   - March 15, 4pm EST:
      - *Career preparedness through alumni engagement*
      - *Roman Holowinsky*, Managing Director & Co-Founder at The Erdős
      Institute and Associate Professor of Mathematics, Ohio State University
   - March 22, 4pm EST:
      - *Music theory as junk science, and how and why we need to fix it*
      - *Justin London**,* Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Music, Cognitive
      Science, and the Humanities, Carleton College
   - March 29, 4pm EST:
      - *Alt-ac panel from speakers with Music PhDs*
      - *Suhnne Ahn*, Director of the Peabody at Homewood Program
      - *Nell Cloutier*, Director of Measurement and Learning at Habitat
      for Humanity
      - *Dana DeVlieger*, Law Student, Northwestern University Pritzker
      School of Law
      - *Lindsay Warrenburg*, Data Scientist at Sonde Health
   - April 5, 4pm EST:
      - *What the history of computational musicology can tell us about the
      future of corpus studies*
      - *Daniel Shanahan*, Associate Professor of Music Theory and
      Cognition, Ohio State University School of Music
   - April 12, 4pm EST:
      - *The future of music cognition through the lens of music notation*
      - *Joe Plazak*, Sibelius Principal Software Engineer and Product Owner
   - April 19, 4pm EST:
      - *New frontiers in the genetic basis of musicality*
      - *Reyna Gordon*, Assistant Professor, Departments of Otolaryngology
      & Psychology, Vanderbilt University
   - April 26, 4pm EST:
      - *Empathic listening: Music and the social mind*
      - *Zachary Wallmark*, Assistant Professor of Musicology and
      Affiliated Faculty of the Center for Translational Neuroscience,
      of Oregon
   - May 3, 4pm EST:
      - *Analyzing the perceptual effects of orchestration practice through
      the lens of auditory grouping principles*
      - *Stephen McAdams*, Canada Research Chair in Music Perception and
      Cognition; Professor of Music, Schulich School of Music, McGill
      Director, ACTOR Project (Analysis, Creation, and Teaching of
   - May 10, 4pm EST:
      - *Melody and rhythm: Effects on tempo determination*
      - *Leigh VanHandel*, Associate Professor of Music Theory, University
      of British Columbia
   - May 17, 4pm EST:
      - *Musicality and gene-culture coevolution*
      - *Aniruddh Patel*, Professor of Psychology, Tufts University
   - May 24, 4pm EST:
      - *Music cognition between the sciences and the humanities*
      - *Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis*, Professor of Music, Princeton
   - May 31, 4pm EST:
      - *From compassion to being moved: Social emotions evoked by music*
      - *Jonna Vuoskoski*, Associate Professor, Departments of Musicology
      and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion
      (IMV), University of Oslo

All the best,
Lindsay Warrenburg
Lindsey Reymore
Daniel Shanahan
*Lindsay Warrenburg, PhD*
Music Theory, Cognition, and Perception
lindsaywarrenburg.com <https://www.lindsaywarrenburg.com/>
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