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Dear Anna,

thank you very much - that's a really fine and helpfull idea!! This 
would also result in fixed URLs for these teaching materials. I just 
made the experience that a MEI cheat sheet which I cited in an article 
(now published five years after the conference...) is no longer on the 
website and thus I produced a broken link in the publication...
And I would heartly welcome a collection of materials which help us to 
better teach MEI - because MEI seems to be very useful ....

Best greetings,

Am 02.02.21 um 13:42 schrieb Kijas, Anna E:
> Dear Irmlind,
> That is a great question! At our last Digital Pedagogy Interest Group meeting in January<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G0F7qbZ-6vkUfKNE91yQ97zYYfqUqHvKtfdnNU5Qzw4/edit#heading=h.hukvyxfpidxx> the question also came up about sharing cheat sheets (in addition to other resources) from the MEI community in a central place. The IG is going to suggest the creation of a subpage or section on the MEI website that is called MEI Community-Created Resources. This would be similar to the bibliography page, but focused on identifying resources that may not be typical publications, but are useful for teaching MEI or demonstrating concepts, in formats such as lesson plans, tutorials, cheat sheets, etc. Does that sound like a good option?
> The IG will be drafting some language for this Community-Created section and will share with the MEI-L to get feedback and additional thoughts.
> Best,
> Anna
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> Dear all,
> I’m not quite sure if this is the correct place to put my question but I try it.
> On the Website there is the button „resources“ and in it the button „tutorials“. If you click this it is opened „tutorials and related material“. It would be fine if the button would also be extended with „related material“. Then this would be a good place to place there one or more cheat sheets for mei. We had two in the metadata ig sesson at the MEC 2020 and it would be fine to have it at an official place so you can link it in correspondence and literature.
> A cheat sheet is a very good document to compare different XML structures and I would be really happy to have it not only on my private desc.
> Best regards
> Irmlind
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