[MEI-L] MEI ODD Fridays / Development Schedule for MEI

Johannes Kepper kepper at edirom.de
Fri Nov 29 11:52:45 CET 2019

Dear all,

today, in little more than 2 hours, our next MEI ODD Friday meeting will take place. We'll be using Zoom.us, on invitation of RISM Switzerland (thanks Laurent!). Here's the link:


This meeting is public to everyone who's interested in the (technical) development of MEI, and it's the place where we will take decisions about the Schema and Guidelines in the future. Since this is the first iteration in this revised form, we may want to discuss the workflow itself as well. You don't need to be an expert in MEI to participate, but the discussions may very well get technical. That said, we're happy to welcome newcomers and long-time experts alike – the more the merrier :-)

See you soon,

> Am 18.11.2019 um 15:04 schrieb Johannes Kepper <kepper at edirom.de>:
> Dear all,
> while the ODD Fridays for MEI have gone rather unnoticed in the last couple of months, there was significant progress on the Guidelines. While we still need to focus on editing the Guidelines, the Technical Chairs suggest to follow a slightly different procedure for the continued development of MEI. 
> From here on, we would like to hold bi-monthly conference calls with all interested parties. At these calls, we will discuss open pull requests with additions to and revisions of both the MEI Schema and Guidelines. There are two requirements for accepting changes: There have to be matching proposals for both the Schema and the Guidelines (i.e., changes without proper documentation won't get accepted, but may collect feedback), and there needs to be wide acceptance for these changes at the meetings and in the corresponding PRs. If a proposal doesn't match these two criteria, it will be postponed by two months, and should be revised for the next developer meeting. 
> We aim to take notes of these meetings and publish them on MEI's GitHub wiki. We also plan to send out timely reminders in advance of these meetings. The intention is to increase both comprehensibility and transparency of the MEI development workflow, and make it more accessible and inviting to newcomers. We will reflect this plan to the MEI website. 
> The schedule for these developer workshops is the _last Friday of every odd month_, at 1pm UTC. The next three iterations will thus be:
> November 29, 1pm UTC
> January 31, 1pm UTC
> March 27, 1pm UTC
> The following meeting will then be held during / after the Community Meeting at MEC in Boston (i.e. on May 29). There, we will evaluate this workflow. 
> We're looking forward to see everyone who's interested on Friday next week. 
> All best,
> Benni and jo
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