[MEI-L] Extra technical meeting dedicated to TabMEI - 18-19 Dec 2019

Tim Crawford T.Crawford at gold.ac.uk
Tue Nov 19 12:56:17 CET 2019

Dear all,

We shall be holding a 2-day technical MEI meeting here at Goldsmiths in London, Wednesday-Thursday 18-19 December 2019, to attempt to get the work that has been done on a revised tablature module for MEI (working title TabMEI) into a releasable state in the near future. We shall be focussing on the MEI specification for lute and (modern) guitar tablature, in order to greatly expand the range of MEI’s coverage of both historical and modern popular music.

While we want to include tablatures for keyboard and other instruments in future releases, they do not figure greatly in the current TabMEI effort. However, we would welcome participation of anyone interested in working on them, or even reading their suggestions in this mailing list.

The meeting is booked to take place in Room 140 of the (main) Richard Hoggart Building at Goldsmiths (RHB 140). This link should help you find the room easily:
Directions for getting to Goldsmiths are at:

The meeting dates have been deliberately timed to follow on from the DMRN workshop at Queen Mary, University of London, which is an annual event, and takes place this year on Tuesday, 17 December 2019:
The DMRN programme is not yet finalised, but should be fixed some time next week.

I would be grateful if everyone wishing to come to the meeting could confirm the days they want to attend by email to me. Although this is not absolutely essential it helps greatly with planning the supply of refreshments, etc.

See you on 18 December!


Prof. Tim Crawford
Professorial Research Fellow in Computational Musicology
Department of Computing
Goldsmiths College
London SE14 6NW

t.crawford at gold.ac.uk<mailto:t.crawford at gold.ac.uk>

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