[MEI-L] Representing syllables that span multiple staves (neume notation)

Thomas Weber thomas.weber at notengrafik.com
Wed May 22 23:57:28 CEST 2019

Am 22.05.19 um 17:30 schrieb Juliette Regimbal:
Since MEI is an XML-based encoding, any element can only have one direct parent element. In this case, a <syllable> must be the child of exactly one <layer> in one <staff> and any neumes that are part of the syllable must be represented by <neume> elements in a single <syllable> element. There is no way to encode a single <syllable> in multiple <staff> elements, even if the syllable it is meant to describe does span multiple staves.

I think that is a misconception of the <staff> element.  At least in my understanding, <staff> describes a logical staff, not layout.  In mensural and neumes notation where you don't have <measure>, I'd therefore only use one <staff> element per part in each section.  <sb> then should be used to describe layout.

Looking through the MEI documentation there does not appear to be an accepted way to encode this, even though this should be possible.

It is:  <sb> is allowed inside <syllable>.



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