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Dear all

I am happy to announce that the Danish Centre for Music Editing has published another two thematic catalogues online:

Johann Adolph Scheibe. A Catalogue of His Works
Scheibe (1708-1776), possibly one of J.S. Bach's pupils, is probably best known today for his writings on music, especially the 'Critischer Musicus'. But he was also a composer of more than 350 works. He came to Denmark in 1740 to become Kapellmeister at the court of King Christian VI and was one of the most influential persons in Danish musical life. The catalogue is the most comprehensive inventory of his works including the many works now considered lost, and it lists both his musical and literary production.

J.P.E. Hartmann. A Thematic-Bibliographic Catalogue of His Works
Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann's exceptionally long life (1805-1900) began while Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert were still alive and ended when Schönberg had just finished his 'Verklärte Nacht'. He was one of the central characters in Danish music for most of the 19th century and related to a considerable number of Danish composers. The catalogue lists almost 600 compositions, spanning over 80 years and virtually all genres.

Like the Catalogue of Carl Nielsen's Works (CNW)<http://www.kb.dk/dcm/cnw.html>, published in 2014, the catalogues are generated from MEI metadata, edited with MerMEId.
The catalogues are available in print at Museum Tusculanum Press<https://www.mtp.dk/default_e.asp>.

Best regards and merry Christmas to all of you,

Axel Teich Geertinger
Head of Centre

Dansk Center for Musikudgivelse
Danish Centre for Music Editing

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