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Hello,For each of my MEI transcriptions I have a short .rtf document that contains the critical commentary for the transcription. A sample of the text is pasted below. This is information I would like to be able to display on my website along with my transcriptions. I think the best place for most of this would be in the MEI header - I can see using sourceDesc and respStmnt for some of it, for example, but I'm unsure where I could put the information on variants. Eventually, I plan on including the variant information within the encoding itself using the critical apparatus tags, but for right now I just want to make sure that this information travels with the transcription.Would appreciate feedback as to the best place for this information.Best,Karen Desmond
Mon chant/Qui doloreusNotes on transcription process: Scanned file corrected from PMFC (Howes 3/24/2016), Rhythmic durations augmented following our project’s transcription conventions. Pitches, rhythms and mensural notation features checked and corrected against Iv (Desmond 4/10/17).  Sources: Durham (fol. 339r, triplum only), Iv (fols. 22v-23r); listed in TremPrevious editions: PMFC V, 80-3.Note on the poems: Texts from PMFC; variants in Iv noted below (Desmond 4/10/17).Variants:The copy text for this transcription is the version found in Iv.Clefs: c2 c2 c4Tr ‘1 en’ / 2 ‘beus’ / 4 ‘mesonches’ / 8 c1 clef / 9 ‘mons’ / 22 ‘des’ supplied by PMFC / 26 ’ne’ written twice in Iv / 32 ‘ destre namer’ / 39 ‘que je aour’Mot 61 no dot in Iv / 141 no dot in Iv / 16 ‘sens’ / 19 ‘maint’ supplied by PMFC / 34 ‘por nous’ ‘cui’ / 37 ‘Orec’
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