[MEI-L] measures with supernumerary beats

Franz Kelnreiter kelnreiter at mozarteum.at
Fri Mar 24 17:21:18 CET 2017

Dear MEI:List,

one issue that I'd like to hear some opinions about is how to encode
measures that are just the opposite of anacrusis measures and have a
lot more beats than the prevailing meter indicates (a good example
is e.g. Mozart K398 Var.IV m.27
http://dme.mozarteum.at/DME/nma/nma_cont.php?vsep=199&p1=94&l=2 and
all other adagio, cadenza or capriccio like passages mostly in piano
music) .

The question is somehow linked with the "anacrusis measure" thread
opened by David Rizo beginning of the month.

@metcon is in this case of course /some/ information but to my opinion
too little verbose as it is only of Boolean data type (true or false)
and says nothing about missing (anacrusis) or supernumerary (is there
an official term in music theory?) beats.

Something like the abandoned @complete would have been more helpful,
but maybe it is also possible to use a convincing term in the
otherwise very unspecific @type container.


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