[MEI-L] Do we have to call it "MEI Go!"?

Thomas Weber tw at notabit.eu
Tue Mar 21 08:03:06 CET 2017

Am 20.03.2017 um 21:55 schrieb Craig Sapp:
> What is the purpose of MEI Go!?   For implementing lite versions of software that process MEI data?  For educational uses? I would not see a point to that one (just don't tell the students about the complicated bits).  The main advantage would be probably for long-term archival purposes: core components that should not change as much and be more stable over time and thus make it easier to maintain the data over long-term.

If it made more guarantees on the structure and presence of specific information, it would also be more useful for present-day exchangeability.

> "MEI Core"

That's what I'd have picked, too.


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