[MEI-L] Problem accessing MEC 2016 details

Tim Crawford T.Crawford at gold.ac.uk
Wed Mar 15 13:18:11 CET 2017

Dear MEI list - in particular, conference organisers,

As a UK academic, I am desperately engaged in the tiresome and laborious bureaucratic exercise of registering all my own research outputs for funded projects, as well as those of research teams for which I have responsibility (mostly the Transforming Musicology team).

For each publication, presentation, workshop, meeting, public seminar - whatever - I have to submit a URL if possible (though I somehow doubt anyone will check all the many thousands the assessors will receive).

Google searches for "music encoding conference 2016” throw up plenty of relevant hits, but these tend to point to URLs like:


which has a further link to:


which is broken.

Some of the links I found on Google (explicitly naming 2016, not 2017) link to a generic MEC URL:


which in turn links to the 2017 conference - ONLY. (IMHO, there should be links to the four previous MECs somewhere on that page.)

Could someone please provide me with a URL that will safely link to the information for *last year’s* MEC - 2016 (McGill)?

Many thanks,


Prof. Tim Crawford
Professorial Research Fellow in Computational Musicology
Department of Computing
Goldsmiths College
London SE14 6NW

t.crawford at gold.ac.uk<mailto:t.crawford at gold.ac.uk>

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