[MEI-L] Measure 2 of Erlkonig

Craig Sapp craigsapp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 06:13:34 CET 2017

Hi Morgan,

I cannot get it to align either.  The main problem is that the dotted
quarter note chords in the top staff are triplets, but they are not encoded
inside of <tuplet>.  It seems that verovio does not allow <bTrem> inside
<tuplet> nor <tuplet> inside <bTrem>.  I tried both ways:

VM72:1 [Warning] Element <tuplet> within <bTrem> is not supported and will
be ignored
VM72:1 [Warning] Element <bTrem> within <tuplet> is not supported and will
be ignored

Probably verovio does not yet support @copyof as well:

 <bTrem copyof="#bTrem1"/>

A second problem is that verovio requires a duration on the <chord>, and
durations on <note>s inside the chord are ignored:

<chord stem.dir="up" stem.mod="1slash">
                    <note pname="g" oct="3" dur="8" dots="1"/>
                    <note pname="g" oct="4" dur="8" dots="1"/>

This should be :

<chord stem.dir="up" stem.mod="1slash" dur="8" dots="1">
                    <note pname="g" oct="3"/>
                    <note pname="g" oct="4"/>

The lack of duration causes verovio to assign a breve duration to the
chord, which is another thing causing the alignment problem.


On 14 March 2017 at 17:46, Cundiff, Morgan <mcundiff at loc.gov> wrote:

> I am working through the MEI-1st tutorial and checking my results by
> rendering in Verovio. Several of the given solutions in the tutorial do not
> render properly but there is one spot in particular I would like some help
> with.
> Can someone show me how to MEI-encode the second bar of The Erl King as
> found on bottom of this page (No. 8 Complete Measure) such that it will
> render correctly in Verovio?
> http://music-encoding.org/support/tutorials/mei-1st/
> encoding-music-notation/music-level-3/
> I am having trouble making the <bTrem>'s  properly align (in time) with
> the notes in the staff below.
> Thanks,
> Morgan
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