[MEI-L] Problem: Encoding omissions

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Dear Rolf, 


in my opinion, the equivalent to <supplied> could be, like you have it in your version, <choice> with the elements <orig> and <reg>. So you can encode the slur in the <orig>-Element, because it is the original. And for the omission, what is in your case a regularization, you can encode the notes without the slur in the <reg>-element. Of course, you should add a @resp. 

Maybe someone has another solution?




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Dear MEI-L:isteners,


can anyone help me how to encode an editorial decision to omit a slur which is present in the source?


I have some proposals, but I'm not satisfied with anyone.


1.) This version doesn't fit because it's too strong to say that this slur is a mistake. I only would like to say

that it makes no sense in the musical context.

            <corr resp="#RW" evidence="conjecture" />



2.) This version doesn't fit because it's my proposal to omit the slur and it's not based on a source.

            <lem resp="#RW" reason="Previous measures without slur"/>
            <rdg resp="#source" >



If I understand the Guidelines in a right way, than it's not possible to use the <del> element in this case because it's

not a part of the source material.

I couldn't find a equivalent to the element <supplied>.


I hope, someone can help me.

Best regards,

Rolf Wissmann



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