[MEI-L] encoding orchestra cast with alternative instruments

Axel Teich Geertinger atge at kb.dk
Tue Jan 31 18:04:22 CET 2017

Hi Perry & Benni

I am not quite sure about either of your solutions. Especially line 8 bothers me. Isn't that redundant? It just repeats the information in line 5 – isn't that asking for trouble?
Benni, does the @type="substitution" in your version of line 8 mean to say explicitly that it is the oboe which may be substituted? I don't see why that is necessary (at least not in this simple case). 
Omitting that line, however, brings us back to my suggestion (slightly modified here):

       <perfResList count="2" type="performer">
           <perfRes codedval="wb" solo="false">Oboe</perfRes>
           <perfRes codedval="wz" solo="false" type="substitution">Oboe d'amore</perfRes>

As long as the situation is not overly complex, this seems to be a far simpler solution to me. Or are you trying to take into account the possibility that a performer may play more than one instrument, one or more of which may be substituted? In that case I do see the need for something more specific. However, I would like to omit repeating any instrument declaration. An alternative way of making explicit which instrument may be substituted would be to invent another attribute to point to that instrument. Then perhaps you could even omit @type:

           <perfRes codedval="wb" solo="false" xml:id="ob1">Oboe</perfRes>
           <perfRes codedval="wz" solo="false" substitutes="#ob1">Oboe d'amore</perfRes>

Just an idea.


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Hi Benni,

Yes, @type will be added in the next release.

Your solution looks good, but may I suggest --

1. <perfResList xmlns="http://www.music-encoding.org/ns/mei" xmlns:svg="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg">
2.   <perfResList codedval="wb" count="3">
3.     <head>Oboes</head>
4.     <perfResList count="2" type="performer">
5.      <perfRes codedval="wb" solo="false">Oboe</perfRes>
6.      <perfResList type="substitution">
7.        <perfRes codedval="wz" solo="false">Oboe d'amore</perfRes>
8.        <perfRes codedval="wb" solo="false">Oboe</perfRes>
9.      </perfResList>
10.      </perfResList>
11.      <perfRes count="1" type="performer">
12.        <perfRes codedval="wb" solo="false">Oboe</perfRes>
13.        <perfRes codedval="wz" solo="false">Cor d'anglais</perfRes>
14.      </perfRes>
15.    </perfResList>
16. </perfResList>

This puts the indication of substitution on the <perfResList> rather than on the secondary instrument.  Also, @count at line 5 has been removed.


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