[MEI-L] octaves and back

Johannes Kepper kepper at edirom.de
Wed Oct 19 14:16:41 CEST 2016

Hi all,

just a quick question: When we run into an octave instruction (8va), we encode that using the octave element like so:

<octave staff="1" tstamp"1" dis="8" dis.place="above">8 va</octave>

However, how do we go back? The @dis attribute uses the data.OCTAVE.DIS data type, which only allows "8", "15" and "22". However, how do I encode a "loco" instruction? Wouldn't it be correct to do it with something like

<octave staff="1" tstamp"1" dis="0">loco</octave>

instead of a generic <dir> ?

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