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Hi David, Eleanor, everyone,

The “measure 0” method Eleanor mentions seems to me to be inadequate in that it assumes so-called “pickup” measures always occur as the initial measure of a notated work.  I’m certainly no MusicXML expert, but I assume that every measure with this function would have to be labeled with @number=”0” , sometimes leading to more than one occurrence of a number-less measure and confusion over how to label measures.  To me, it seems better to divorce the indication of an under-full measure with its status as an anacrusis.  This allows for the possibility of a pickup measure anywhere, for instance, as Eleanor points out, leading into the next section of a work in sectional form.  Also, under-full measures can occur anywhere without assuming they’re some kind of anacrusis.

So, MEI provides a couple of attributes for encoding data in pickup measures.  First, the @metcon attribute can be used to indicate a relationship to the prevailing time signature.  On <measure> it takes a Boolean value, “true” if the measure conforms to the time signature, “false” if it does not.  Second, the @type attribute can be used to classify the measure using any convenient typology.  There is no standard set of values for @type, but “anacrusis” or “pickup” would be appropriate values, I think.  To me, “upbeat” works at a different level of granularity; that is, at the beat rather than the measure level, so I wouldn’t use it as a value for @type on measure.


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MusicXML took “measure 0” from MuseData, where it has always worked well.  It is important for syntax-checking at the ends of movements (or sections of movements in binary form).


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Dear colleagues,

while encoding pickup measures I’ve found that the Sibelius to MEI plugin does not use any kind of notation for them, however I’ve found some examples among the samples in github (https://github.com/music-encoding/music-encoding/tree/MEI_dev/samples/MEI2013/), e.g. Opera.mei, that encode it using:

<measure n="0" xml:id="m0" type=“upbeat">

How should I encode anacrusis measures=

Thank you in advance,
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