[MEI-L] multiple manuscripts

Johannes Kepper kepper at edirom.de
Thu Dec 17 11:35:48 CET 2015

Dear all,

with the Beethoven project, we're starting to deal with situations laid out across multiple manuscripts. While Edirom and other related / dependent projects use separate files for each encoding, we're trying to deal with this in one shared encoding, using <app> / <rdg> (or similar) to differentiate between the documents involved. I would like to know if and how other projects have dealt with the connection to facsimiles in this setup. Happily, MEI allows multiple <facsimile> elements side by side, so it's quite easy to separate those sources in the XML. However, there is no strong connection between any particular <facsimile> and a <source> element, except using @decls on <facsimile> to point to the <source>. Before requesting to add the (in my eyes) more appropriate @source on <facsimile>, I'd like to hear what others have done in this regard.

Thanks for the feedback,

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