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This might as well be of interest to this community!


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> Betreff: [iaml-l] CfP: IJDL Special Issue on Digital Libraries for Musicology
> International Journal on Digital Libraries
> Digital Libraries for Musicology (DLfM)
> <https://www.springer.com/?SGWID=0-102-2-1435147-preview>
> <http://www.t-mus.org/news/2015-12-01_special-issue-of-ijdl-on-dlfm/>
> Many Digital Libraries have long offered facilities to provide
> multimedia content, including music. However there is now an ever more
> urgent need to specifically support the distinct multiple forms of
> music, the links between them, and the surrounding scholarly context,
> as required by the transformed and extended methods being applied to
> musicology and the wider Digital Humanities.
> The Digital Libraries for Musicology (DLfM) special issue presents a
> venue specifically for those working on, and with, Digital Library
> systems and content in the domain of music and musicology. This
> includes Music Digital Library systems, their application and use in
> musicology, technologies for enhanced access and organisation of
> musics in Digital Libraries, bibliographic and metadata for music,
> intersections with music Linked Data, and the challenges of working
> with the multiple representations of music across large­scale digital
> collections such as the Internet Archive and HathiTrust.
> The DLfM special issue will focus on the implications of music on
> Digital Libraries and Digital Libraries research when pushing the
> boundaries of contemporary musicology, including the application of
> techniques as reported in more technologically oriented fora such as
> This issue follows two years of similarly themed and named
> workshops. These workshops were co­located with, respectively, Digital
> Libraries 2014 and the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL)
> 2015. This call aims to continue a conversation that began in 2002
> with the "Music Information Retrieval (MIR) and Music Digital Library
> (MDL) Evaluation", held at JCDL 2002, which was instrumental in the
> development and evaluation of technical methods now widespread in
> these research communities.
> This focused issue seeks to act as a forum for reporting, presenting,
> and evaluating this work and disseminating new approaches to advance
> the discipline; to create a venue for critically and constructively
> evaluating and verifying the operation of Music Digital Libraries and
> the applications and findings that flow from them; to consider the
> suitability of existing Music Digital Libraries, particularly in light
> of the transformative methods and applications emerging from
> musicology and "Large, Dynamic, and Ubiquitous" collections of both
> audio and music related data; to set the agenda for work in the field
> to address these new challenges and opportunities.
> This focused issue will solicit high quality papers that demonstrate
> exceptional achievements in Digital Libraries for Musicology,
> including but not limited to:
> - Music Digital Libraries.
> - Digital Libraries in consideration of "Large, Dynamic and
>   Ubiquitous" collections of audio and music related data.
> - Techniques for locating and accessing music in Very Large Digital
>   Libraries (e.g. HathiTrust, Internet Archive).
> - Music data representations, including manuscripts/scores and audio
> - Interfaces and access mechanisms for Music Digital Libraries.
> - Digital Libraries in support of musicology and other scholarly
>   study; novel requirements and methodologies therein.
> - Digital Libraries for combination of resources in support of
>   musicology (e.g. combining audio, scores, bibliographic,
>   geographic, ethnomusicology, performance, etc.)
> - User information needs and behaviour for Music Digital
>   Libraries. Identification/location of music (in all forms) in
>   generic Digital Libraries.
> - Mechanisms for combining multi­form music content within and
>   between Digital Libraries and other digital resources.
> - Information literacies for Music Digital Libraries.
> - Metadata and metadata schemas for music.
> - Application of Linked Data and Semantic Web techniques to Music
>   Digital Libraries, and for their access and organisation.
> - Optical Music Recognition.
> - Ontologies and categorisation of musics and music artefacts.
> January 29, 2016   Paper Submission deadline
> April 5, 2016      First notification
> May 27, 2016       Revision submission
> July 1, 2016       Second notification
> September 9, 2016  Final version submission
> - J. Stephen Downie <jdownie at illinois.edu> Graduate School of Library
>   and Information Science University of Illinois
> - Ben Fields <me at benfields.net> Department of Computing, Goldsmiths
>   University of London
> - Kevin Page <kevin.page at oerc.ox.ac.uk> Oxford e­Research Centre,
>   University of Oxford
> Papers submitted to this special issue for possible publication must
> be original and must not be under consideration for publication in any
> other journal or conference. Previously published or accepted
> conference papers must contain at least 30% new material to be
> considered for the special issue.
> All papers are to be submitted by referring to
> <http://www.springer.com/799>. At the beginning of the submission
> process, under "Article Type", please select the appropriate special
> issue. All manuscripts must be prepared according to the journal
> publication guidelines which can also be found on the website provided
> above. Papers will be reviewed following the journal's standard review
> process.
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