[MEI-L] list-related changes

Roland, Perry D. (pdr4h) pdr4h at eservices.virginia.edu
Mon Nov 9 22:03:19 CET 2015

I'd like to make it easier to control the formatting of lists from within the document markup rather than pushing it off entirely to CSS or othe, external formatting procedures.

To this end, I plan to remove the current @form attribute and create a new att.listrend attribute class containing @mark and @order attributes --

  <attDef ident="mark" usage="opt">
    <desc>Contains the character string (usually a single character, such as a bullet,
        box, dash, etc.) that precedes each item in the list.</desc>
      <rng:data type="string"/>
  <attDef ident="order" usage="opt">
    <desc>Indicates the system used to generate the character string (usually a single
      character) that precedes items in an ordered list.</desc>
      <rng:data type="NMTOKEN"/>
    <valList type="semi">
      <valItem ident="alphalower">
        <desc>Lower case letters.</desc>
      <valItem ident="alphaupper">
        <desc>Upper case letters.</desc>
      <valItem ident="arabic">
        <desc>Arabic numerals.</desc>
      <valItem ident="romanlower">
        <desc>Lower case Roman numerals.</desc>
      <valItem ident="romanupper">
        <desc>Upper case Roman numerals.</desc>

Any list without one of these attributes (a list cannot have both) should be assumed to be "simple"; that is, without any mark or order.  This is NOT procedural markup, just somewhat more descriptive than what used to be allowed. :)

Perry Roland
University of Virginia
P. O. Box 400874
Charlottesville, VA, 22904
434-982-2702 (w)
pdr4h (at) virginia (dot) edu

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