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Andrew Hankinson andrew.hankinson at mail.mcgill.ca
Sun Oct 25 23:00:38 CET 2015

Personally, I think of <div> being used to position rendered text like in HTML. So having it in the header would be problematic, since that information is never intended to be "rendered" directly.

This is somewhat related to a recent discussion on GitHub: https://github.com/music-encoding/music-encoding/issues/272


> On Oct 25, 2015, at 1:23 PM, Axel Teich Geertinger <atge at kb.dk> wrote:
> Hi
> Is there any particular reason why <div> elements are not allowed anywhere in the header?
> I am asking this because I want to use a Rich Text Editor (tinyMCE) for blocks of text in the header, for instance in <annot> or <history> within <work>. This type of editor requires that the editable content is wrapped in a single element (like <p> or <div>). It is not good at handling mixed content. Of course i could use <p> as the wrapper, but then I would have to have one editor instance for every paragraph, if I want more than one paragraph of text. 
> I actually think that allowing <div> in <history> could also make the structure a little clearer. As it is, <history> may contain <head>, <creation>, <eventList> and any number of <p>s. Perhaps it would be nice to be able to wrap all non-structured text in a single <div> to separate it from the more structured elements <creation> and <eventList>?
> Best,
> Axel
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