[MEI-L] dots on chords and rests

Kőmíves Zoltán zolaemil at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 12:21:18 CEST 2015

Hi Jo,

I am thinking that this is one of the situations when relying on redundancy
is a good thing - if you can. You could rely on the @dots attribute for
determining the duration of chords, while relying on the element for visual
representation - provided you have any means to ensure that the attribute
and the element are used consistently.

Of course redundancy is a double-edged sword (e.g. it could cause
complications if you want to make changes to a redundant model), but
perhaps something to consider?


2015-10-14 9:54 GMT+01:00 Johannes Kepper <kepper at edirom.de>:

> Dear list,
> we're slightly puzzled by the encoding of dotted chords and rests for
> Beethovens Werkstatt. As we need to attach SVG shapes to our dots, we have
> to encode them as elements. When encoding a note, this is perfectly
> possible, using the <dot> child element within note. However, <dot> is not
> allowed within rest. With chords, a <dot> is also not allowed inside
> <chord>. Here, I understand the complications: If you put two <dot>
> elements inside a chord, it could mean that there is a separate dot for
> each of the two notes (duration * 1.5), or it could mean that it's a
> double-dotted chord (duration * 1.75). This means you have to put the
> <dot>s inside the child notes, which means that querying for durations is
> really a pain (you have to look for @dur on <chord>, and for <dot> inside
> the contained <note>).
> I know it's possible to put the dot inside <layer>, but this weakens the
> connection between dot and the music event it belongs to in a rather severe
> way.
> Opinions? Recommendations?
> Johannes
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