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PS Sorry, I forgot to include the link to the contribution guidelines. Here
it is:

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 8:17 PM, Laurent Pugin <lxpugin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> This is an official announcement of the new GitHub account and repository
> for MEI. The new MEI repository is accessible at
> https://github.com/music-encoding/music-encoding. All the information
> from the previous GoogleCode repository has been migrated to the GitHub
> one, including issues, branches, tags, etc.
> This announcement means that GoogleCode repository is no longer in use and
> will not be maintained. We recommend not to refer to it, including for
> schema validation. All the schemata are now permanently available directly
> from music-encoding.org under 'schema' plus the version number. For
> example, the latest release is available at
> http://www.music-encoding.org/schema/2.1.1/mei-all.rng
> The move to GitHub has also been an opportunity for us to re-think
> workflows and contribution guidelines for MEI. Of course, since MEI is a
> schema and not a software product, we expect all contributions to be
> thoughtfully discussed by the community before they find their way to the
> MEI source. Contributors should not expect any pull request to be included
> in MEI straight away without the required discussion, even if the
> contribution does not create any conflict and seems straight forward to
> integrate. In order to clarify this, Andrew Hankinson has written some
> contributions guidelines that we strongly recommend reading if you are
> interested in contributing to the MEI schema.
> The GitHub account of MEI includes other repositories than the MEI source
> one.  MEI also hosts repositories for the customization service and the
> SibMEI plugin, for example. You can see all of them listed directly on the
> MEI GitHub account: https://github.com/music-encoding. At some point, we
> will evaluate whether parts of the current MEI repository should become
> distinct repositories themselves. As specified by the MEI by-laws, the
> GitHub account of MEI is managed by the co-chairs of the technical teams.
> At their discretion, the co-chairs may provide write access to the
> repositories to other members of the technical team.
> Thank you to all who contributed to the migration to GitHub. We are
> looking forward to your feed-back and to your contributions.
> For the technical team
> Perry and Laurent
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