[MEI-L] To whom it (= LilyPond) may concern

Urs Liska ul at openlilylib.org
Mon Jun 8 15:59:30 CEST 2015

Dear MEI community,

I have sent this to the attendants of the Music Encoding Conference 
already, so if you've been there you may ignore the following.

At the conference I gave a presentation about interfacing MEI with 
LilyPond to incorporate professional engraving in MEI-powered digital 
editions. It seems there is a need, and having the LilyPond side step 
forward and promote this idea makes it more likely to have significant 
progress in the foreseeable future.

After returning from Florence I sat down and reviewed my presentation. 
It is now turned into a written paper, with the slides incoprorated 
where appropriate, but also significantly extended. I've reintroduced 
stuff that I had to throw out to match the 20 minutes limit, but I've 
also added new material, incorporating answers and open questions raised 
in discussions during the conference. The paper goes into more detail 
about current developments in LilyPond, and it has a new section 
outlining major topics that have to be discussed now if we want to bring 
the idea forward.

So I offer this paper for anyone who is interested in the idea of 
interfacing LilyPond and MEI. In order not to flood your inbox if you 
don't consider yourself being part of the target group I don't attach 
it, but you can download it from 

One major point is to ensure all interested parties start communicating. 
Therefore I've set up the mei2ly at openlilylib.org mailing-list and 
suggest that everybody who cares for the topic subscribes at 
http://lists.openlilylib.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/mei2ly. I would 
welcome if you write a short presentation post telling what kind of 
project you are working on and in what way an MEI-to-LilyPond interface 
would be relevant to your work. But of course "silent" subscriptions are 
welcome too.

Best wishes
Urs (Liska)

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