[MEI-L] New interest group: Metadata and Cataloging

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Dear all

Greetings from the Music Encoding Conference 2015 in Florence! I am happy to be able to officially announce the birth of the MEI "Metadata and Cataloging Interest Group". The founding meeting with about 20 participants took place here in Florence yesterday; the founding was approved by the MEI Board in the evening.

The aims of the group will be, for instance, to discuss the use of MEI for the encoding of musical metadata; to make recommendations regarding the development of the <meiHead> element; to promote the sharing of and collaboration on tools for projects concerned with MEI metadata such as cataloging projects. 'Cataloging' in this context may include a wide range of projects such as thematic catalogues ('Werkverzeichnisse'), library catalogues, and other descriptions of musical works or sources. The group is open to all members of the MEI community (that is, subscribers to MEI-L: https://lists.uni-paderborn.de/mailman/listinfo/mei-l).

One of the first tasks will be to provide some information in rather general terms about the relevance and the use of MEI for such cataloging projects, explaining different approaches and their strengths and weaknesses. The Interest Group will at some point have its own page at http://music-encoding.org where this type of information will be made available as a supplement to the general MEI Guidelines.

Kristina Richts (University of Detmold/Paderborn) and I were appointed the administrative co-chairs of the group. If you have any interest in working with musical metadata and cataloging, we warmly invite you to join the group by subscribing to our mailing list: https://lists.uni-paderborn.de/mailman/listinfo/mei-catalog-ig

See you there!

Best wishes,


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