[MEI-L] How to distinguish different instruments in the <staffDef> and <staffGrp> elements

Hans Vereyken hans at neoscores.com
Thu May 21 16:26:30 CEST 2015


This is my first post to the MEI mailing list.
I'm implementing MEI into our music renderer and am having trouble getting
all the info I need about staves.

I searches the documentation and mail archives for answers but wasn't able
to find what I'm looking for.

So each staff is declared seperatly, with the <staffGrp> certain groups and
there symbols are declared. Although a brace usually means that the staves
within are the same player (e.g. piano brace), it is not enough to be sure
of it.

In the example files I looked at 'Altenburg_Ein_feste_Burg', the relevant

                        <scoreDef meter.count="4" meter.unit="4"
meter.sym="common" key.sig="0" key.mode="major">
                                <staffGrp symbol="brace" barthru="true">
                                    <staffDef n="1" clef.line="2"
clef.shape="G" key.sig="0" lines="5" label="Trompete 1" label.abbr="Tr 1"/>
                                    <staffDef n="2" clef.line="2"
clef.shape="G" key.sig="0" lines="5" label="Trompete 2" label.abbr="Tr 2"/>
                                    <staffDef n="3" clef.line="2"
clef.shape="G" key.sig="0" lines="5" label="Trompete 3" label.abbr="Tr 3"/>
                                <staffGrp symbol="bracket" barthru="true">
                                    <staffDef n="4" clef.shape="G"
clef.dis="8" clef.dis.place="below" clef.line="2" label="Pos1 Tro 4"
key.sig="0" label.abbr="P 1 Tr 4" lines="5"/>
                                    <staffDef n="5" clef.line="4"
clef.shape="F" lines="5" key.sig="0" label="Posaune 2" label.abbr="Pos 2"/>
                                    <staffDef n="6" label="Posaune 3"
label.abbr="Pos 3" clef.line="4" clef.shape="F" key.sig="0" lines="5"/>

and: Chopin_Etude_op.10_no.9:

                        <scoreDef meter.count="6" meter.unit="8"
key.sig="4f" key.mode="minor">
                            <staffGrp symbol="brace" barthru="true">
                                <staffDef n="1" clef.shape="G" lines="5"
                                <staffDef n="2" clef.line="4"
clef.shape="F" lines="5"/>

So in both cases I have a group of staves with a brace symbol, how should I
know which staves are played by which player.
I can try to sniff the labels and by guessing the semantic meaning of
'Trompete 1,2,3' and conclude these has to be 3 different parts. In the
second example this isn't possible, so this won't work (no surprise).
In a dynamic music renderer, where you can switch parts on/off this is key

How should it be done? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!
Hans Vereyken
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