[MEI-L] validation of chords in bTrem

Benjamin Wolff Bohl bohl at edirom.de
Wed Apr 8 11:32:14 CEST 2015

Dear MEI-L:isteners,

I encountered a validation error with chords in bTrem elements and @dur 
in the following code:

  <bTrem dur="2" tstamp="1" stem.mod="1slash">
     <chord stem.dir="up">
        <note pname="g" oct="3" accid.ges="s" />
        <note pname="e" oct="4" />

The reported (schematron) error is:
"@dur must only be specified on chords, not on the notes they contain."

 From my perspective the above code is perfectly valid, it does not 
validate the stated rule. But it occurs to me, that the rule just does 
not respect the above case.
Am I mistaken?

Welcoming your thoughts,

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