[MEI-L] <instrumentation> within <source>?

Roland, Perry D. (pdr4h) pdr4h at eservices.virginia.edu
Mon Mar 2 17:43:03 CET 2015

There has recently been some discussion on mei-devel about the markup of instrumentation/performance medium information.  To deal with missing, incomplete, or contradictory info about instrumentation at the work level (the only place this info is currently permitted), the current proposal is to make <instrumentation> and its sub-elements (instrVoice, instrVoiceGrp and ensemble) members of att.edit.  This will provide @cert, @evidence, @resp, and @source.

The second part of the effort, which may be slightly more controversial, centers on allowing <perfMedium> to occur not just within <work>, but also at the manifestation level; that is, within <source>.  Currently, <perfMedium> is allowed within <expression>, but not <source> in an effort to encourage the use of FRBR entities and to make a clear separation between expression and manifestation data.  But, a compelling case can be made that if <perfMedium> were allowed within <source>, then <expression> could take on more of a grouping role in those cases where there are multiple manifestations of what is essentially the same expression, for instance, when there's a short score/sketch, a piano reduction (intended for rehearsal) and a full score of a symphonic work.  It may be more productive to allow each of these sources to carry instrumentation info and use <expression> to group them as one *version of the work* as opposed to a later revision than to force instrumentation to always be recorded at the expression level, resulting in many cases in a one-to-one relationship between <source> and <expression> without the possibility of grouping at a higher level.

I'm inclined to make this latter change, but would like to hear from others before moving ahead.


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