[MEI-L] MEI: Spanish mensural notation

David Rizo Valero (gmail) drizovalero at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 20:17:40 CET 2015

Dear Laurent,

I’m David Rizo, from the University of Alicante (grfia.dlsi.ua.es/cm). I think we met in Mainz two years ago in the RISM conference or in the Mainz MEI conference.

I’ve been forwarded to you by Tim Crawford. He told me last week in a musical similarity workshop in Leiden that you were working with mensural notation in MEI.

I’m working with manuscript editions of Spanish mensural music with Antonio Ezquerro, the head of RISM Spain. 
We are working in an application to represent the specifics of spanish manuscript mensural notation. We presented it in a notation workshop past June in Queen Mary in London. We’ve already implemented a new font and the rendering of scores and now I’m beginning to encode it in MEI.

I have three little questions:
1. Is there any UML like description of the schema? 
2. I’m using the MEI guidelines in the web but I’ve found in the page describing mensural notation several empty sections like coloration and custos empty. This is because is still unimplemented in MEI?
3. Besides, there are some specific elements not present yet in MEI that we may want to add. How we should proceed? 

Best wishes,

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