[MEI-L] <projectDesc>...</projectDesc> and some other elements...

Roland, Perry (pdr4h) pdr4h at eservices.virginia.edu
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Hi Sigfrid,

The <projectDesc> element does allow "a bit of structure"; that is, it allows a text organized as an ordered set of paragraphs.  It's designed that way because anything more complex probably belongs in music/front or music/back instead.  The same philosophy applies in the case of the other elements that share this model.

It's true that <projectDesc> does not allow <head>, but it does permit @label, which is sufficient unless your heading contains presentational markup, such as sub- or superscripts, font changes, etc.  I'm not opposed to allowing <head> within <projectDesc> -- I'd just ask that you create a ticket in the tracker (https://code.google.com/p/music-encoding/issues) to remind me of this issue for the next release.

Best wishes,


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<projectDesc>...</projectDesc> and many other elements have (it is just that projectDesc is an issue for one of our projects today) allow textual content within <p>...</p>. However it does not allow <div>...</div> though, and in particular it does not allow <head>...</head>. Why is that?

And what is the best solution if my text is long enough to benefit from a bit of a structure?


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