[MEI-L] mup & lilypond et al.

Johannes Kepper kepper at edirom.de
Tue Oct 29 13:42:18 CET 2013

Hi Sigge,

I started work on a translator to abc, ultimately targeting to abcjs, which is a javascript library for rendering (and editing) abc-encoded music notation. I suspect the rendering algorithms are coming from MusicTeX, but I'm not absolutely sure about that. The output is clearly inferior to many other rendering systems, but roughly compares to VexFlow. Some things that VexFlow can do aren't possible with abcjs and vice versa. We use this library for proof-reading our files. We transform our MEI files within eXist into an abc string, which is than sent to the user's browser and rendered there. abcjs also has a MIDI output, but I haven't used that yet. I wanted to set up a demo page before announcing this on MEI-L, but the code is already online at


If you think this is a viable option for your project, we can certainly discuss how to improve it, and I can point you to a page utilizing it (not public yet, sorry). 


Am 29.10.2013 um 13:26 schrieb Sigfrid Lundberg <slu at kb.dk>:

> Hi all of you,
> I've been working on a project which involves automatic generation of scores from an eXist native XML database containing musical segments. I've coded a MEI generator in the XQuery language, and the result is then translated into mup and from there to either PDF or MIDI. I'm working in MEI 2010-05 but are looking for a way forward to more modern MEI and higher quality PDF or even better SVG.
> Please find generated xml, pdf and midi attached (if it survives the listserv, they are miniscule and shouldn't hur bandwidth)
> Suggestions. Should I go for MEI 2013, and I suppose Lilypond? Any other ideas? The system has to run batch server side on a Linux server. 
> Any opinions?
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