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For our colleagues in European institutions...

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EADH Small Grants: Call for Proposals

The European Association for the Digital Humanities (EADH) hereby invites
submissions for small grants to support Digital Humanities activities.

The call is open to anyone active in Digital Humanities, although projects
with an institutional or thematic connection to Europe will be prioritized.
Furthermore, the EADH sees the development of linguistically and culturally
focused Digital Humanities groups and associations around Europe as a very
positive development, for individual professionals as well as for the field
as a whole. As such, we particularly welcome initiatives proposed or
endorsed by Europe-based national and regional DH organisations.
Submissions are expected to be in the range of € 800 to € 2,000. The total
amount available in this call is € 15,000. Successful awardees will be
expected to write a short report on their activities during the lifetime of
the grant. Information about previously successful grant applications can
be found at:


More about the aims of EADH grants can be found in the ‘General description
of EADH calls for workshops and projects’ at:


The format for proposals is described fully at:


The maximum length of a proposal is three pages, including a cover sheet
with title, one paragraph summary, total amount requested and a list of
proposers, including affiliations and email addresses. The usual Terms and
Conditions restricting submissions to registered EADH-members, do NOT apply
to this call.

Proposals (and any enquiries) should be sent to l.isaksen [at] soton.ac.uk
 by 17 November, 2013. Please note that as applications usually exceed the
number of grants available late submissions cannot be considered.
Notification of the results will be sent on 20 December 2013 at the latest.

Leif Isaksen, on behalf of the

The EADH Small Grants Committee

Claire Clivaz

Karina van Dalen-Oskam

Elena Gonzalez-Blanco

Leif Isaksen

Elena González-Blanco García

Dpto. de Literatura Española y Teoría de la Literatura, Despacho 722
Facultad de Filología, UNED
Paseo Senda del Rey 7
28040 MADRID
tel. 91 3986873

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