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Hi, Micah,

Sorry about the typo.  Thanks, Andrew, for fixing it.

@con is intended to hold so-called "connectors" between syllables that consist of a *single indicator*, in this case a single "_", as in "Per_ry".  This is sometimes found as a substitute for a single hypen/dash.  The primary purpose of these connectors is to provide syllabification of the text.

@extender is for those situations where a continuous line is to be drawn, often under a melismatic passage.

@con and @extender are independent of each other.  It's not necessary to provide @con in order to get an extender.  You do have to decide, however, whether your software will expect @extender or, when it's not present, render an extender based on the presence of @con="u".

The reason for this complication is that lyrics don't always appear under notes.  In these cases @extender isn't applicable, yet syllabification may still be desirable.

Does that help?


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According to the Guidelines, @con="u" indicates that "[a]n underscore sign (indicating prologation of the syllable) is used as a connector between syllables". Later in the same section, the Guidelines state the following:

"Occasionally, a word or a final syllable needs to be extended across multiple notes. In this case an ‘extender’ is provided. An extender is a continuous line drawn at the text's baseline from the end of the syllable associated with the first note until the last note to be sung with the syllable. The" [the paragraph abruptly breaks off here]

Is there a difference between the "underscore" and the "extender"? Will the extender only be added if @con="u" has been encoded?

Here is the link to the relevant section: http://music-encoding.org/documentation/guidelines2013/lyricsDesc

Micah Walter
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