[MEI-L] Lyrics: Extender lines

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Extender types, referring only to music, not to MEI:

1. There are two kinds, the difference being contextual.

2. BUT there is some variation in publishers' house styles.  There may also be some variables related to the language of the lyrics.

At CCARH (main languages being Itlain and German), we use the extended underscore for words at the end of a text line, where the extension is likely to accommodate only one additional note.  If a syllable in the middle of a text line has a melisma, we use a series of hyphens.

One the things that varies with house style is where these types are complemented by phrase marks in the music itself.  

French text underlay is problematic in that the number of syllables as sung may be greater than the number normally heard in speech.  

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Hi Micah,

Thanks for pointing out that paragraph trailing off. I've fixed it (in the MEI 2013 and in the development branch). 

I will leave it to others to properly respond to your question.


On 2013-07-01, at 11:25 AM, Micah Walter <mwalter at haverford.edu>

> According to the Guidelines, @con="u" indicates that "[a]n underscore sign (indicating prologation of the syllable) is used as a connector between syllables". Later in the same section, the Guidelines state the following:
> "Occasionally, a word or a final syllable needs to be extended across multiple notes. In this case an ‘extender’ is provided. An extender is a continuous line drawn at the text's baseline from the end of the syllable associated with the first note until the last note to be sung with the syllable. The" [the paragraph abruptly breaks off here]
> Is there a difference between the "underscore" and the "extender"? Will the extender only be added if @con="u" has been encoded?
> Here is the link to the relevant section: http://music-encoding.org/documentation/guidelines2013/lyricsDesc
> Thanks,
> Micah Walter
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