[MEI-L] Conventional encoding of suggested accidentals (ficta)?

Micah Walter mwalter at haverford.edu
Fri Jun 21 20:06:25 CEST 2013

Hello, all,

My latest question relevant to encoding modern editions of Renaissance music deals with editorial accidentals, as in the case of musica ficta. Such an accidental is conventionally placed above the single note it affects (see attachment).

Possibly the option that best makes use of the intent of MEI's elements would be to use the <add> tag, containing the single <accid> element. Or maybe <supplied> would work as well. Another solution might be to encode the editorial meaning of such an accidental using the <choice> tag; while <orig> seems to work for the original reading, the best tag for the editorial reading is unclear. <reg>?

Has anyone dealt with this issue before?


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